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I also LOVE the same people who claim she is “boring now”. As if craving stability and security after a LIFETIME OF FUCKING UPHEAVAL is sooooo completely out of left field. She still loves her adventures, she’s said as much. But for fuck’s sake, the woman literally has led a whirlwind of a life for which 75% of it she’s been on the run and hunted by a madwoman. LET HER FUCKING RELAX AND COAST AND MAKE TACOS WITH HER HOT-ASS HUSBAND FOR A MINUTE GEEZ.


Sean: I thought I was gonna get killed, so I was kinda happy a new script arrived and I wasn’t dead! When I saw Maid Marian was coming back, to be honest - this sounds terrible, but I was really disappointed. And the reason I was disappointed is because I really love playing opposite Lana and we have a lot of fun together and I thought maybe next season, I’m not gonna get to play with my friend every day.